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What good is a website if no one ever sees it?

got an awesome website? let's get it seen!

Unfortunately, having the greatest looking website is only the beginning of having a dominate online presence. 

How does SEO work?

Think of the internet as the wild west. Websites literally fight for reputations that will rank them on the 1st page of Google. Call us John Wayne.

We will not only optimize your website fully to “look attractive” to Google, we will also do the hard work with creating content that represents your site and making sure other sites link into your site, pushing you up the chain until you find self at the sought after #1 on Google. 

SEO does work. It just takes time and a lot of energy. Fill out the contact form below and let us audit your website to see what it will take to get you ranked above your competition. 


Not looking to rank above competition? That’s not the only thing SEO is good for. How about ranking with certain keywords? Let’s say you are the only business of your kind, serving unique products. We can make sure you get seen.

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Eggplant SEO is a company that increases online presence for businesses with websites and search engine opitmization.

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